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Through a network of controllers, it manages climate, security and other not only digital, but also analog devices. All this can be done online using a developed cloud service.

What is the SolarOS

Get fully immersed in any atmosphere while being at home or in the office.
It is a system that allows to influence people by adjusting to their biological rhythms via changing the color temperature.
Manage, control and create your efficient energy management from anywhere in the country.
Today, the service has no analogues on the Russian market and is fully ready for implementation.

SolarOS software-hardware complex

Night 3000 К
ᅠDay ᅠ4500 К
Morning 2600 К
Special lighting modes for work and leisure: sunny forest, cloudy morning, summer thunderstorm.
Choose the intensity depending on time of the day

Biodynamic lighting

Benefits of the SolarOS system

Efficiency of the system
Reducing the energy load of the building by 85%
Remote control
Control individual luminaires, luminaire groups or whole lighting all at once
Intuitive interface
Control software designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible
Automatically interacts with other similar systems to form a smart peer-to-peer network-MESH
SolarOS continues to work even if individual system elements fail
Automatic operation
Set up SolarOS once and it will automatically control your luminaires
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See how the SolarOS
smart lighting system works in real life

See how the SolarOS
smart lighting system works in real life

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Испытайте систему SolarOS в режиме реального времени:

  • включайте/выключайте источники света,
  • регулируйте яркость,
  • выбирайте режимы освещения. 

Демонстрационная версия предоставляется совершенно бесплатно.
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The SolarOS smart lighting system is already used by

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